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Here's an introduction to the beginning of a short film I worked on with my colleagues on my course. Occupation is set far in the dystopian future where a company named F-Corp have taken over the worlds production of everything and have 99% of the worlds money, rendering most people who don't have jobs homeless and those who do are suffering.

Adv. Comp


Occupation is set far in the dystopian future where a company named F-Corp.


Category : Visual Effects

Occupation – Advanced Compositing Project

In our second year, we were given a ‘Nuke Only’ Project. Where we could create anything we wanted but had to use Nuke for the main Compositing software for your shots. I grouped together with three other course mates to create an introduction to a short film. Here’s the final product and below is some breakdowns and look into my participation in the project.

My shot was the third section to the project (shown below). My role in the project was editor and organiser, whilst also working on my shot. Working on my shot, I used photoshop for the matte painting (creating the shop interior) and premiere pro for editing. The main software which I used was Nuke for the compositing. Here’s a before and after with my footage to show the raw footage v. the final version.


Here’s a breakdown of the shot, showing the multiple different ways which I tackled this shot. Doing things such as cleanup, tracking, matte painting, keying and other methods to make the shot look good.


Overall this was a great project to be apart of,  I am very happy with my end result and think that I was able to learn a lot of Nuke and really brush up on my skills as a compositor and learn where I need to improve my skills in certain areas.


Shot 1 – Rogue Weather Reporter: Matt (

Sequence of shots – Talk show: Kieran (

Shot 3 – Track outwards from the TV: me (Becky)

Shot 4 – Mid shot and face track: Taylor (

  • Date : 15.02.2019
  • Uni Year : 2nd
  • Skills : Nuke, Compositing
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