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Becky Shaw
Junior Motion Designer

2D Compositor, Graphic and Motion Design

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Motion Graphics
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Compositing and Motion Reel Showreel

Here is a selection of some of my best work from the last year or so. This is comprised of various shots from projects both in and outside of university. The softwares (shown above) which were used to create these are, After Effects, Photoshop, Nuke X, Premiere Pro and Cinema 4D. I have a wide knowledge of these softwares where I am able to showcase skills such as, roto, prep, keying, tracking and other comp skills.

Graphic Design Work

Here’s a small selection of my Graphic design work. Through my work I’ve created a variety of things such as posters, social media templates, website banners, asset creation and plenty more. You can see more of my work here:

//Words About

Compositor and Motion Design Artist
Becky Shaw

Graduating with a 1st Class Honours degree, in BA Visual Effects and Motion Graphics with the University of South Wales, I am currently a Masters Student with Birmingham City University. Here I study MA Film Distribution and Marketing. My experiance in post production and marketing have made me realise my love for this kind of work.

My passion is with content creation, with various brands I’ve worked with both via contract and freelance – I have found my passion in making things look good. I love the creativity and drive behind any marketing projects and also the fun creative side of taking a brief and coming up with a creative outlet.

Current Focus

Working for Chapter 3 Graphics whilst finishing my MA.

Bachelors - University of South Wales

BA (Hons) Visual Effects and Motion Graphics – 1st Class Honours Degree


Employed with Chapter 3 Graphics while studying.

Currently Studying

Master of Arts Film Distribution and Marketing – Birmingham City University

Brands I have worked with

Through various sources, I have worked on social media advert with these brands. Ranging from, Instagram to Snapchat adverts.

Main Softwares I use

These are the selection of softwares which I have been trainned on throughout my education, external training courses and on the job work. In both my Masters and Bachlors we have been given industry standard lectures plus given the time and tools to go and learn these softwares to our best knowledge.

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